A Longstanding Tradition of Serving Central Texas

Longevity in any business is a challenging goal. Despite the challenges of the industry and several challenging economic periods in our country’s history, Evans, Ewan & Brady Insurance Agency, Inc. has been a leader in the insurance business. Since 1928, we have provided independent insurance service to clients throughout central Texas.

A Proven Approach to Your Insurance Needs

Many factors have played a role in our success as an agency, including:

  • Experience: Our agents are licensed with the state of Texas and take continuing education courses to keep up to date on changes in our business. This experience allows us to help you explore your coverage options, and gives us the ability to provide guidance to our clients.
  • Area knowledge: Insurance requirements for Central Texas residents are different than those for people in other parts of our country. Our agents are residents of the area, and have the insight needed to help you understand the unique insurance requirements of Texas. We will educate you on Texas specific policies so that you can choose the policies that best suit your particular needs.
  • Quality service: Each member of our staff is committed to providing strong client service and personal attention to every individual, family and business owner that we serve. To provide this quality service, we offer quick turnaround on quotes, timely responses to your phone calls, e-mails and questions and honest advice on your unique coverage needs.
  • Strong relationships: Over the years, we have built lasting relationships with more than 50 insurance providers. These relationships allow us to gather a wide range of quotes on your behalf, and to help you compare rates for multiple policy options. We work to help you choose the policy and company that best fits your needs, rather than choosing one offered by a particular provider.
  • Ongoing service: Selling policies is just one aspect of our service – we support clients throughout the life of their policies, policy renewals and the claims process.
  • Specialization: Our agents are trained on specific insurance products. We have four agents that are trained to assist your personal insurance needs such as automobiles, homes, boats, RVs, personal umbrellas and motorcycles. We have two agents that can assist you with life and health insurance needs. Our three business/commercial agents will assist you in business coverages. Longevity is best achieved with great employees that love helping people improve their pricing and/or coverages. We have a friendly group of employees that will help you anyway they possibly can.

At Evans, Ewan & Brady Insurance, we represent over 50 strong insurance companies. Our agents work hard to place you with some of the best Insurance companies in America. A few of our strong insurance partners include Travelers, Central, The Hartford, Cincinnati, Allstate, and State Auto. We only do business with insurance companies that will treat your fairly. We will only represent A- or better insurance companies.

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