Agent vs Online Quote

Agent vs. Internet—Which One Gets the Best Deal on Auto Insurance?

The internet gives consumers access to multiple insurance quoting systems that can help them save time and money when shopping for auto insurance. Often, consumers assume that these valuable quote algorithms give them access to the same service as a local agent and choose to use them instead of an insurance professional. Unfortunately, this is probably a mistake.

Discovering Opportunities for Discounts

An insurance agent can interact with you, find out about your life and driving habits, and help identify possible discounts that you are qualified to get. This one-on-one contact better allows an agent to ferret out these important discounts, something that an internet algorithm simply can’t do. Each day, insurers are developing new opportunities for discounts including for items like cell phone apps that can be employed while driving to keep a driver’s focus on the road. Online algorithms don’t stand a chance against an agent when it comes to keeping up with these developments.

Reviewing and Understanding Coverage Options

There are many different coverage options that you can choose from when shopping for auto insurance, and each will affect your quote and risk exposure differently. When sitting at home, trying to navigate online quote systems, it can be next to impossible to figure out what coverages you need, what limits to choose and what deductibles are reasonable. Agents can help you go through the coverage options and tweak limits and deductibles so you get a policy that is both affordable and helpful in the event of an accident.

Working with Various Companies

The algorithms you use online for auto insurance quotes have access to a limited and fixed number of insurance companies. This does not give you the broad range of options that your local auto insurance agent will. In addition, because agents work with these companies on a one-on-one basis every day, they know how each company handles its underwriting and this can help get you matched up with a company that is going to get you the best rates for your situation.

Auto insurance is an important and often required coverage to carry. In order to get multiple quotes and the best price for you, there’s no need to rely on websites. Instead, you can get the service of a live and thinking agent who knows how to get you the best deals on insurance and where to put your policy so you can afford the premium.

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