Ask EEBINS – Is jewelry covered by homeowners insurance?

Should I insure my jewelry separately, or is it covered under my home insurance policy?

If you just received a new piece of jewelry as a gift over the holidays, or you inherited something in the last few years, or if the price of gold has you wondering what those gold earrings are really worth, then get an appraisal. Many companies limit jewelry coverage limits to $ 500 to $1,000.  We have a company that will include $10,000 of jewelry at no extra charge.  We can show you how to properly insure your jewelry.  We will take the confusion away so you have what you need and want.

By scheduling jewelry, your coverage is much broader. For example, if you lose a piece of jewelry, it is covered. Your deductible is waived when you schedule jewelry. With the rising cost of gold, heavy gold pieces should be reappraised. Last year, a home insurance client in Georgetown reappraised her five-year old gold ring. She didn’t realize the value of the item, and the insured value was raised from $10,000-$12,000 to $25,000 after the piece was reappraised.

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Posted 4:43 am