Ask EEBINS: Why would we insure a wedding?

Wedding bells are ringing in our family. Is it true you can get a wedding insurance policy, and why would I need one?

Great question! Americans spend millions of dollars on wedding every year. In Central Texas, spring and summer are definitely “the wedding season,” as wildflowers bloom and the weather is more cooperative. These one-day events are an investment – with deposits for catering, venues, florists and more –  and when it’s all over, there’s a big final bill.

What does the average American family spend on a wedding and how can they protect that investment of time and money? According to The Wedding Report, the tab for the average American wedding is nearly $30,000. (That’d make a nice deposit on a new house in Williamson County.)

In the event of a natural disaster or other emergency, postponing or cancelling a wedding could add thousands of dollars to the final cost. Wedding insurance is similar to other event insurance policies and guards against losses in the event of cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances. Some policies may also protect gifts against damage or loss/theft. We represent carriers who offer policies for weddings and other events. Give us a call to learn more.


Posted 3:29 pm