Ask Evans, Ewan & Brady – Is my new car covered when I drive it home?

Q: How do I insure a new car? Will it be covered when I drive it off the lot?

A: Many car dealerships are offering great end-of-the-year sales and a lot of new cars are sold each December. Remember, dealerships sell cars, not insurance. They may tell you that you have 14 days to update your auto policy, but that varies by carrier.

Why take a chance? Call us before you shop or pick up your new car. We can add a new car to your policy before you pick it up at the dealership. We will need the VIN Number and time to review coverage options over the phone or in person. We cannot make changes to your policy by voicemail or email.

A few years ago a family drove a new car off the lot and the car was totaled that weekend. That’s why they’re called accidents. We’re here to help, so please call us before you drive away in your brand new wheels.

Posted 6:13 pm