Household Contents Inventory

In the event of a catastrophic loss, would you be able to remember everything you had in your home?  If you are like me, probably not.  Do you have any items that might need special insurance coverage to be sure that they are fully protected?  One way you can get a good feel for this is to do a household inventory.  Many of us might seek to put this off as busy work, but the harsh reality is that someday you may need it.  A fire or a tornado can turn your life upside down overnight.  If it does, you will be expected to furnish a listing of your home’s contents and the estimated value of said items.  Not only will a household inventory help you do this but it can help get your claim settled much quicker!

A household inventory will help you get back on your feet quicker and easier.  As an independent agent, we represent many different insurance companies.  One of those companies we represent, Central Insurance, has a really nice household inventory form available to anyone to download and use on their website.

Don’t wait, get your home inventoried today and make life much easier in the event of a catastrophic loss.

Posted 10:24 am