Insurance and Refinancing Your Home

With home loan rates at historic lows, many people are refinancing their existing mortgages. When you are refinancing, call us. Refinancing doesn’t affect your policy or rates, but it may affect your escrow account, billing and renewal cycle. If you are refinancing your house, please call our office and make sure that we know about it. Every so often, a mortgage company or bank forgets to fax us or send over your paperwork. We’ll verify that your mortgage and insurance paperwork are in order so you have continuous billing.

If you’re refinancing with the same lender, it is still important because loan numbers can change, and your loan and insurance paperwork aren’t always tied to your name. We’ll make sure your new loan number matches the number on your homeowner insurance policy, reducing the chances of any billing issues.

Refinancing can also change the terms of your escrow account and could affect your monthly insurance payments. We can do a quick review of your homeowner policy and your new loan information and escrow account to ensure you’re on track.

Posted 4:38 am