Insurance for Your Business

Did you know that at Evans, Ewan and Brady we not only insure your home and auto but we can insure your business as well?  There are so many risks and exposures related to a business that a typical businessowner may not even be aware of that it is important to rely on an insurance agent to help you wade through the terms and coverages.  We can help you with insuring your business property, any autos that are used in the daily course of business, and we can find many specific coverages tailored to your business type.

If you have employees and carry worker’s compensation, we represent a whole host of companies that can provide protection for you and your employees should they become injured on the job.  Many small business avoid carrying insurance because of the expense, but really you should ask your self if you can afford to not be protected!

In today’s fast-paced business world with technology and the internet, we can even provide cyber-liability coverage to protect you from on-line risks that you might not realize are our there!  Don’t wait, call or email us today for help with your commercial insurance.

Posted 10:40 am