Insuring Your Golf Cart

Generally, a golf cart is meant to get you from one golf hole to another.  However, in Georgetown, we also have communities like Sun City where golf carts are driven all around the neighborhood.  Because of these varied uses of golf carts, it is possible that you do not have the protection you need in the event of an accident involving your golf cart.  It is important you undertand the types of coverages available and the types of coverages you currently have.  The challenge for the golf cart owner is that HOW a golf cart should be covered can vary from insurance company to insurance company.

The two types of coverage you need to consider are physical damage to your golf cart and liability coverage to protect you should you injure someone else and/or damage their property.  Physical damage coverage would be used in the event your golf cart was damaged through collision, a lightening strike, fire, or other such cause.

There are special golf cart coverages but you need to know that these policies can very widely in coverages provided.  Be sure and tell your agent ALL the ways in which your golf cart is used so you can make sure you are protected.  Bottom line is that you do NOT want to assume that just because you have a homeowner’s or auto policy then your golf cart is covered.  You need to visit with your agent and find out what exactly needs to be done to protect you at all times.

Posted 1:15 pm