Our Referral Program

Did you know that Evans, Ewan & Brady Insurance has a referral program? Our referral program is very unique. All you have to do is refer someone to use and you will get rewarded. The more referrals that you do the higher the reward. The best part is if the referral does not decide to go with us for insurance we still reward you. We just want the opportunity to speak with them. Below is the list of referral rewards.

  • 1st referral/year = $5 (sweet serendipity)
  • 2nd referral/year=$10 (sweet serendipity)
  • 3rd referral/year = $15 (sweet serendipity)
  • 4th referral/year = $25 (gift card, their choice)
  • 5th referral/year = $50 (gift card, their choice)

Here is more information about Sweet Serendipity http://www.sweetserendipityinc.com/

Posted 2:25 pm