Regular Reviews Can Keep You Fully Protected

Conducting regular reviews of your insurance policy and coverage plans is an important step in maintaining the best possible protection for your car, home or business. Whether you conduct an annual review, or simply want to reexamine your coverage after a major purchase, speaking with Evans, Ewan & Brady Insurance about your protection plan is an effective strategy for limiting your changing exposures and your premiums.

There are many reasons to conduct annual or regular reviews of your insurance coverage, including:

  • Shifting needs: Buying a new home or car, or adding a driver to your insurance plan can dramatically change your insurance requirements. Conducting a review after a large purchase is a great way to obtain maximum effectiveness out of your insurance plan.
  • Business growth: Acquisitions of property, new equipment, commercial vehicles or additional employees may leave your old insurance package outdated. Conducting reviews of your business coverage may be key to protecting your business as it grows and evolves.
  • Potential rate reductions: Insurance rates change frequently, making it important to conduct a regular review of your coverage plan. During your review, our agents will help you compare policies that offer savings, and provide advice on policy discounts that you may have become eligible for since you last purchased coverage.
  • Eligibility changes: Some people may not qualify for certain coverage products due to multiple accidents, tickets or reported losses within a certain time period. Regular reviews of your insurance coverage can reveal changes in eligibility for other policies and available discounts.

Our agents will carefully review every aspect of your situation, your potential exposures and your current insurance before offering advice on any necessary changes to your coverage – all at no cost to you. We are happy to schedule annual or regular reviews of your auto policy, your homeowners insurance or your business coverage.

Have you conducted a recent review of your insurance coverage? Were you surprised at the results of the review? If you haven’t recently reviewed your policies, consider contacting Evans, Ewan & Brady Insurance for complimentary consultation on your coverage.

Posted 3:16 pm