Straight Talk about Texting

Your social teenager is a natural multitasker. But multi-tasking is not a skill we want to see in new drivers.

Your teen might think she can sing along to her favorite song, sip a soda, call a friend or worse, send a text — all while driving. But behind the wheel, only one thing deserves our attention, whether we are 16, 36 or 76: Driving.

October’s National Teen Driver Safety Week asks us all to talk about “driving now and texting later” with our teens – whether that’s our kids, grandkids, babysitters or friends. If they need a better reason, here are three:

  • Last year the City of Austin banned all texting while driving.
  • In 2009, state lawmakers made it illegal for drivers to text in any school zone in Texas.
  • And, it is illegal for drivers younger than 18 to use a cell phone while driving.

A car accident is more than just an inconvenience or visit to the body shop. Other effects:

  • Financial: Our customers typically see fee increases after their teen driver is added to their policy. Incidents of car accidents are higher among drivers under the age of 25. And if a teen driver causes a car accident, then he or she will have to pay higher annual premiums until they can prove to be an accident-free driver.
  • Emotional: Teenagers have enough on their minds and harming someone else while driving is a burden no one should have to carry.

In our always-on society, we must remember that a car is transportation – not a place to hang with friends, like your living room; not a virtual office on wheels; or dining room table.

How do you talk to teens and friends about texting? Share your tips on our Facebook page or comments section.

Posted 11:31 am