Tips: Driving on Ice

Is it time for Winter Storm 2012? It’s February in Central Texas, and on any given year, we may get a Texas storm that freezes our roads for a day or more. We want Georgetown and Austin-area drivers to be prepared to drive safely in icy conditions. (It’s more important in our warm climate because a lot of drivers do not have experience driving in these conditions.)

When driving in winter weather conditions:

  • Take care pulling out of streets and give cars plenty of time to slow down or stop.
  • Watch more closely for runners and walkers – our active Central Texas lifestyle means people get their exercise even on the coldest days, and sidewalks may not be clear.
  • Take corners carefully – not too tightly.
  • Does your car have anti-lock brakes? Do NOT pump your brakes on an ice patch. Let the anti-lock mechanism take over.
  • Older car without anti-lock brakes? Pump them gently to prevent wheels from locking.
  • Back your car into the driveway so you have better vision when pulling out.

(Sources: Texas Department of Insurance and Insurance Information Institute)

Posted 4:29 pm