What sort of insurance does a construction contractor, such as an electrician, carpenter or plumber.

Georgetown and Williamson County, like Austin and Travis County and surrounding areas, are among the fastest growing parts of Texas – and the U.S. So it’s growing area for contractors who want to stay busy on commercial and residential construction jobs. At Evans, Ewan & Brady, we recommend that contractors consider Installation Floaters for each and every job they accept. “Floaters” refers to moveable equipment that is used on the job. That way, if materials are stolen from the job site, then they are covered. Specifically, electricians should get a policy for copper; builders should get one for tools. And, all front-end loaders, generators or small hand tools should be considered for policies.

We remind all of our contractors to secure their tools when they leave a job site because they are a valuable part of your business and livelihood.

If you are working as a subcontractor, which is common, you may be required to show proof of insurance for contractors protective liability.

Learn more about insurance policies for artisan contractors online (link to http://www2.iii.org/small-business-guide/insurance-for-specific-businesses/artisan-contractors.html)

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