When your vacation takes a wrong turn: are you protected?

When packing for vacation, you are excited about the adventure ahead – whether you’re headed from Central Texas to the beach or a more exotic location abroad. But as the headlines told us in January: a dream vacation can turn into a nightmare when an accident happens.

In January 2012, the Costa Concordia cruise ship ran aground on the shores of Italy, leaving 11 dead, 26 missing and many injured or stranded. Thousands of survivors had to evacuate the ship, leave their belongings behind, seek medical attention and find their way back home.

What would you do in this kind of emergency? There are two ways to help protect yourself in unforeseen circumstances while traveling abroad:

  • Travel medical insurance
  • Vacation insurance

We represent carriers with a wide range of policies designed for the occasional and the frequent international traveler, as well as health insurance for persons who are living overseas for an extended period of time.

Are you planning a trip abroad this spring or summer? Maybe you’re thinking about a Caribbean cruise, a trip to the Olympic Games in London or hiking the Great Wall of China. No matter your destination, take time to learn more about these international health insurance and vacation insurance policies, and call us at 512-869-1511.

Posted 6:53 pm