Why Should You Choose a Multi-policy Discount Package for Your Insurance Needs?

You’ve probably seen the commercials where an attractive young lady offers to bundle insurance policies for clients looking to save money. While some of these commercials may seem out there, the underlying message they convey is very realistic – buying multiple policies from the same provider can offer some very valuable benefits.

At Evans, Ewan and Brady, Insurance Agency, we believe in the power of bundling, or multi-policy discounts. We pride ourselves on helping our clients obtain the many benefits of purchasing multiple policies form the same provider, including:

  • Reduced rates: Many insurance providers offer reduced rates to customers who purchase multiple policies from them. This means that you can actually reduce the costs of your homeowners insurance, car insurance and other policies just by purchasing them from the same provider. In some cases, you may even save hundreds of dollars of over the course of a year.
  • Streamlined claims: Imagine that a fire damages your car and your home. If you had purchased your auto and home policies from different providers, you’d have to deal with multiple adjusters and differing claims processes. If you carry home and auto coverage from the same provider, that company’s adjusters will work together to handle your claim, potentially streamlining the process and helping you get back to your life much faster.
  • Simple payments: Multi-policy packages make it easy to pay your premiums. In many cases, you can pay one bill each month to insure all of your valuable property. No more dealing with multiple payments or opening several bills each month.

Are multi-policy discounts available for you?

Multi-policy discounts are available in a wide range of situations and for a number of different products. Some providers offer discounts to people who purchase home and umbrella insurance from them. Others provide significant savings for auto and motorcycle coverage packages.

Have you bundled your insurance, or do you prefer to buy policies one at a time? Can you think of any problems with bundling?

Posted 11:18 am