Commercial Auto Insurance in Austin & Central Texas

Just as everyone who owns a car should have auto insurance, every business owner who uses cars, trucks, or vans to conduct business should have insurance on these vehicles. Keep in mind that many commercial uses and vehicle types are excluded from personal policies, which might make it necessary to secure commercial car insurance.

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Who Needs Commercial Auto Insurance?

Whether you own a single company car or manage a fleet of vehicles, you should have commercial auto insurance. Personal policies weren’t meant to protect against liabilities that occur in business situations, so they are written and rated differently.

Still, if you use the same vehicle for business and pleasure, determining whether your situation requires commercial auto coverage can be confusing. In general, we recommend getting business car insurance if:

  • You charge a fee to transport people or goods in your vehicle.
  • You perform services with your vehicle.
  • You need higher liability coverage than a personal policy allows.
  • You haul a considerable amount of weight in tools or equipment.
  • You tow a trailer used to conduct business.
  • Employees drive your company cars.
  • Vehicle ownership is in the name of your business or partnership.

Be aware that, in Texas, drivers for rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft don’t require commercial auto insurance.

What Types of Vehicles Does Commercial Car Insurance Cover?

While fleet insurance is typically associated with large trucks and work vehicles, regular cars may also require a commercial policy if they are used to conduct business. Here are the types of vehicles you can insure with commercial car insurance:

  • Sedans, SUVs, minivans, and light pickup trucks
  • Passenger and cargo vans
  • Dump trucks, box trucks, food trucks, and tow trucks
  • Service utility vehicles
  • Large trucks over 15,000 pounds

What Coverage is Available with Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

Business car insurance offers coverage similar to your personal auto policy, including liability, collision, personal injury, comprehensive, and uninsured motorist coverage. However, there are some essential differences to be aware of:

  • Commercial auto policies have higher liability limits.
  • Commercial car insurance is tax-deductible. (Personal coverage is partially deductible if you use the vehicle for business purposes.)
  • Commercial plans can offer blanket coverage for all employees or cover specific named employees.

Commercial insurance also offers specialized coverage that isn’t available with personal policies:

  • Trailer interchange coverage covers damages to the third-party trailers your vehicles use.
  • Rental reimbursement pays you back for the cost to rent a temporary replacement car if yours needs repairs.
  • Hired vehicle coverage offers protection when employees or clients drive your rented vehicles.
  • Non-owned vehicle coverage protects you when your employees drive their own cars to conduct business for you.
  • Equipment coverage protects the gear you haul around in your commercial vehicles.

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