Bakery Insurance

If you run a bakery, you take on a certain amount of risk. Not only is the risk from the use of a kitchen, which creates fire and other injury risks, but you also have liability risk. Should your baked goods make someone ill or cause an injury in some way, you could be held liable.

Bakery insurance is a special type of insurance that safeguards your business and your personal liability for the risks inherent to running a bakery. Whether you bake from home or from a commercial property, you can benefit from bakery insurance. Evans, Ewan & Brady Insurance Agency offers bakery insurance policies that will keep your Austin, TX bakery protected.

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Understanding Bakery Insurance in Austin

Bakery insurance is specifically designed for the needs of a bakery. It provides specific types of coverage, including:

  • Commercial property coverage pays for damage to the bakery and its contents due to fire, natural disaster, or theft.
  • General liability coverage that pays your legal responsibility should someone suffer injury or illness due on your property.
  • Product liability protects against any illness or injury that occurs due to your baked goods, including food-borne illnesses.
  • Commercial auto insurance protects your business if you deliver your products.

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Why Do You Need Bakery Insurance

Bakery insurance is all about protecting you from financial damage. This might include:

  • Theft. Your business and its contents are at risk for theft, and insurance means you will have the funds to replace it if needed.
  • Injuries. If someone is injured on your property, those medical costs can add up quickly.
  • Disasters. Fire, a major storm, and even a power outage can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars, but bakery insurance protects against this.
  • Legal protection. Failure to be properly insured may put your bakery at further legal risk if your state requires coverage.

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Questions to Ask Your Agent

Your agent wants to help you find the right bakery insurance policy to cover your specific needs. These questions can help you find the right policy.

  • What liability do I face with my particular bakery setup?
  • Do you offer any discounts if I have other commercial policies with you?
  • How would I file a claim should I need to?
  • What are the policy limits, and is it likely that I will reach those with a serious disaster or costly liability claim?

Choose the Right Insurance Policy for Your Bakery

In Austin, Evans, Ewan & Brady has the knowledge you want to find a bakery policy that fits your needs. We will carefully review your business and its specific risks, so we can direct you to the right policy.

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Bakery Insurance FAQs

Here are some common questions about bakery insurance.

How much bakery insurance do I need?

Look for a policy that has:

  • General liability
  • Commercial auto
  • Business owner’s insurance
  • Workers’ compensation coverage

Actual coverage limits will be unique to each business’s risk and assets.

Do home bakers need insurance?

Yes, home bakers have general and professional liability risks, and they need to protect their families and their income with the right insurance policy. If someone gets sick off of your home-baked goods, you could lose everything to a lawsuit if you aren’t covered.