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While Texas law may not specifically require you to carry workers’ compensation coverage, many companies require their vendors and service providers to be fully insured, making it important for you to secure protection for injured employees. Additionally, adding workers’ compensation to your coverage allows you to limit your financial liability in the event that an employee suffers an injury or illness while executing their duties.

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Our Workers’ Compensation Services

We also offer experienced and detailed advice on a wide range of issues relating to workers’ compensation insurance:

Experience Rating

Insurance companies use many factors to calculate your workers’ compensation rates, including the number of employees and the industry in which you work. One of the most important factors considered by providers is your experience rating, a scale that takes into account the number of accidents reported by your business over a set time period. Understanding your experience rating and how it impacts your rates is important throughout your search for coverage.

Employer Liability

As an employer, you may be held liable for expenses incurred by an employee who is injured or falls ill while active in the course of their duties. Workers’ compensation policies are designed to limit your employer liability and reduce your out-of-pocket expenses in the event of an employee injury or illness.

Covered Benefits

A workers’ compensation policy will offer financial protection in the event that an employee is injured or falls ill while on the job. Many policies provide financial compensation for your employee’s medical care and lost wages. Some policies may provide a death benefit to a deceased employee’s loved ones.

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How Does Workers’ Compensation Work?

Have you ever wondered, “How does workers’ compensation work”?  We are here to explain the process to you.

Here is the process of workers’ compensation:

Employees Should Visit an Approved Healthcare Professional

Employees who are injured or ill should seek medical assistance immediately. Any delays after a serious injury can put their health and benefits at risk. Once there has been a doctor’s visit, the doctor will then provide a medical report to file along with the injury claim.

Employers Start the Claims Process

Employers are responsible for providing the appropriate forms and information about the claims process. Employers often have the contact details for the business’s insurance company.

Employee Should File the Claim

The employee would then need to file a claim with the employer’s insurance company. The claim should include any state-mandated paperwork, from the forms to medical reports, and it must meet reporting deadlines.

Employee Should Start Receiving Benefits

Once the employer’s insurance provider approves the claim, the employee will receive workers’ compensation payments. Benefits can include coverage for the employee’s medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and a portion of the wages while they are medically unable to work.

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Compare Workers’ Comp Insurance Rates and Policies in the Austin, TX Area

The size of your business, number of employees, and industry are all among the many factors that play a role in the costs of your workers’ compensation coverage. We take great care to explain how these factors impact your costs and will help you compare Austin workers’ comp insurance rates from multiple providers.

We have worked with countless business owners in Georgetown, Austin, Round Rock, Killeen, and Pflugerville, and we have gained a unique insight into the challenges you face when searching for coverage for your company.

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