Cleaning Company Insurance in Austin, TX

When you run a cleaning company, you take on risks with every job. Not only do your cleaning professionals have a measure of risk with the work they do, but you have liability risk in the buildings you enter to clean. Having the right insurance in place will help you protect your business and its employees. Evans, Ewan & Brady Insurance Agency, Inc., is here to help you find the right coverage to meet your needs. We have been serving companies in Austin, TX, since 1928, and we know how to help cleaning companies find the right insurance policy.

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Components of Cleaning Company Insurance

Your cleaning company needs the right coverage to protect itself. Some of the types of insurance that might fit your business include:

  • General liability coverage: This coverage protects against general issues that may pop up within your company. This includes problems like property damage or harm to another party.
  • Errors and omissions coverage: This is professional liability coverage that protects your business if an employee makes a mistake while cleaning that injures someone or damages property. With this coverage in place, you can’t be held liable for those actions.
  • Commercial property insurance: If your cleaning company has a commercial building, like a headquarters or office building, this coverage will protect you from perils like theft, fire, or vandalism.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance: If you hire cleaning employees, you need this coverage. If an employee is injured on the job, this provides wage reimbursement while they cannot work. In most instances, it is required by law.
  • Commercial auto insurance: Your cleaning company likely relies on vehicles to transport materials and workers to the job site. Regular auto insurance is not sufficient. You need a dedicated policy that covers the commercial use of these vehicles.

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Other Types of Insurance to Consider

Cleaning company insurance coverage may need some additional types of policies. Some that may be helpful include:

  • Business interruption insurance: This will protect against lost income should something make it impossible for you to do business, like an illness or natural disaster.
  • Umbrella policy: Commercial umbrella policies cover anything beyond your existing policies. If you have an unfortunate event that impacts your business, this will keep you from having to close.
  • Life insurance: Life insurance is critical for any business owner because it ensures that your cleaning company’s employees and partners can continue if you pass away.

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The Cost of Cleaning Company Insurance

Many factors can impact the cost of cleaning company insurance. The type of coverage you select, the size of your business, the number of employees you have, and even the service area you work in can all play a role. Evans, Ewan & Brady can help you shop for the right policy to help you save money. Put our 90 years of experience to work for you.

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