Dairy Farm Insurance in Austin, TX

Running a dairy farm is a major operation, and it can carry a significant amount of liability and risk. Dairy cattle are unpredictable, and just one errant kick can cause injuries to an employee or even someone visiting your farm. The right commercial coverage from Evans, Ewan & Brady Insurance Agency can ensure proper protection for your farm and livelihood.

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Common Types of Insurance for Dairy Farms

Dairy farm insurance is commercial insurance that protects your farm as a business. It covers all types of liability, including:

  • General liability – This coverage protects against general issues you can’t predict. If your cows or other aspects of your business cause property damage or bodily injury, this will protect you against a lawsuit.
  • Commercial property insurance – The property your dairy farm occupies may not be covered under a homeowners policy because it is a commercial business. Commercial property insurance can protect it against problems like fire, vandalism, theft, and similar issues.
  • Commercial auto insurance – Protect the trucks carrying milk from your farm and the vehicles transporting your livestock with a commercial auto insurance policy. If an accident occurs while you are conducting business, your personal auto insurance will not be adequate.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance – If you employ outside help to run your dairy farm, ensure your employees are covered for any injuries they sustain while working for you.

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Additional Coverages for Additional Protection

On top of these common types of dairy farm insurance, consider some additional protections. These might include:

  • Life insurance – If you passed away, life insurance makes sure your business will not fold.
  • Business interruption insurance – If a catastrophe or serious illness strikes, this insurance ensures you can continue getting paid while your business recovers.
  • Umbrella policies – Commercial umbrella policies kick in when these other coverage types do not cover a loss or issue.

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Trust Evans, Ewan & Brady for Dairy Farm Insurance

When it comes to buying insurance for a dairy farm, you need the right professional guidance. Our team has over 90 years of experience to help you choose the right coverage. We understand the factors that affect the cost of insurance and will help you shop the different products to find one that fits your budget.

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