Farm Insurance

Your farm or your ranch is your life and your livelihood. Protecting it is essential. That is where farm insurance comes into play. A farm can be both your home and your business, so your coverage needs to reflect that.

If you need assistance with farm insurance and live in the state of Texas, Evans, Ewan & Brady Insurance Agency in Georgetown, Texas can help.

Why is farm insurance different?

Unlike traditional homeowners or business insurance, farm insurance takes into account the reality that a farm or ranch is both a home and a place of work. Standard business insurance will include general liability and commercial property coverage. It may include business income insurance and workers’ compensation too. But traditional business insurance doesn’t include coverage for your dwelling. If you live on a working farm or ranch, talk to Evans, Ewan & Brady to learn what farm insurance policy offers you the best blend of homeowners and business coverage to protect you, your family, your home, and your business all in one policy.

What does farm insurance cover?

Farm insurance will cover four main areas: the home and its contents, including any garages or other personal use buildings; other personal property connected to the farm or ranch; any buildings or structures associated with the farm or ranch; and liability protection.

Farm insurance coverage in the first area will provide protection for fire, lightning, windstorms, hail, and most accidental losses, including vandalism and theft, while the personal property aspect of the second area insures any livestock, feed, machinery, and equipment. In terms of farm or ranch outbuildings, coverage will include barns, machine sheds, detached garages, or other outbuildings.

The final area of coverage, liability protection, is for bodily injury, medical expenses, or farm property damage. You may also be interested in learning about farm insurance that pays for any rental costs if you are unable to live in your farm home because of a covered loss. Some additional options that certain farm insurance policies can cover are farm equipment breakdowns, income loss due to a covered loss, medical for farm or ranch employees, or peak season coverage, which increases insurance during specific periods of time.

Protect Your Farm with Specialized Insurance Coverage

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