Jet Ski Insurance in the Austin Area

Jet Skis are enormously popular in the U.S., with a whopping 1.5 million registered owners. Despite their reputation for fun in the sun, these wave-running toys are also more dangerous than boats or other water vessels. Jet Skis are involved in approximately 20 percent of reported accidents each year. A Jet Ski accident can carry a hefty price tag — especially if it isn’t properly insured. Partner with the professionals at Evans, Ewan & Brady Insurance Agency to get the Jet Ski insurance coverage you need, greater peace of mind, and investment protection.

Evans, Ewan & Brady has been serving Texas residents and business owners for over 90 years. Our knowledge and experience will ensure you get the Jet Ski coverage you need to stay safe on and off the water.

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Why Get Jet Ski Insurance in Austin, Texas?

While Jet Ski insurance isn’t mandated in Texas, not having it could sink your investment or worse. Jet Ski insurance covers a wide range of potential issues that are common with recreation on the water. When considering whether or not you need Jet Ski insurance, consider these reasons why protection is a good idea:

  • Theft. Jet Ski theft happens. Without coverage, you are stuck with 100 percent of the replacement costs.
  • Repairs. Deteriorated fuel lines, broken jet pumps, rusted crankshafts, old batteries, and worn-out engine seals are just a few of the common repairs Jet Skis require. Without insurance, these repairs can become very costly.
  • Liability. Jet Ski owners are fully liable for any passengers on the watercraft. Should an accident occur, you will be held accountable for the medical costs.

Jet Ski insurance keeps water activities fun without the worry of the costs of accidents and repairs. Contact Evans, Ewan & Brady online today to learn how to get your protections in place!

What Coverage Options Are Available for Jet Ski Insurance?

Before biking, we put on a helmet. Before driving, we put on a seatbelt. Before getting on your Jet Ski, make sure you have a life jacket and an insurance safety net. Personal watercraft insurance keeps your ride protected, so your cost of ownership makes sense.

While some home or vehicle insurance policies will provide some coverage for personal watercraft, these coverages are extremely limited. A specific policy for your Jet Ski is essential to ensure you get the comprehensive coverage you need to cover bodily injury, property damage, guest passenger liability, medical bills, and theft. Other extended coverages will protect you from costly Jet Ski repairs and fuel spill liability. 

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