Personal & Business Insurance in Killeen, TX

When looking for a personal or business insurance company in Killeen, be choosey. Select a company that puts its policyholders’ needs first. The best companies take the time to listen. They take the time to educate you on your options while evaluating your individual needs. Getting the coverage you need at a price point you can afford is what Evans, Ewan & Brady is all about.

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Personal & Property Insurance in Killeen

Investing in personal and property insurance is a smart move. It protects you and your belongings from the unexpected while giving you greater peace of mind. When it comes to insurance policies, you have options. Such as:

Killeen Business Insurance

Owning a business is a huge investment and requires some huge protections as well. Take the time to protect one of your greatest assets with business insurance from Evans, Ewan & Brady. Our policies protect you from lost merchandise, building accidents/damages, and employee harm that may be tied to all of this. We offer:

Business Bonds in Killeen

Business bonds protect your company against future default or bankruptcy, providing insurance coverage of assets like inventory that may be subject to personal liability if a loss occurs when under contract with another party. How you choose your business bond depends on your type of industry and how you plan to utilize them. There are more than 20,000 types of business bonds, including:

  • License and permit bonds
  • Fidelity bonds
  • Business service bonds
  • Contract bonds

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Evans, Ewan & Brady Insurance Agency is designed to help you set up a policy that will cover your needs at a rate you can afford. Our team works with you to lock in a rate that is appropriate and affordable.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Killeen, TX

What is the population of Killeen, TX?

153,095 people live in the city.

What is the largest major city near Killeen?

Austin, TX, is the largest major city near Killeen.

Does Killeen have a military base?

Yes, Killeen is directly next to Fort Hood, and its economy strongly relies on the post, the soldiers, and the families stationed there.