Lawn Care Business Insurance in Austin, TX

For landscape contractors and lawn care businesses, some basic insurance coverage is essential to protect your business assets in the event of an accident or loss. Finding the right insurance provider ensures that your lawn care business receives a great policy at a competitive price.

Since 1928, businesses in Austin and Central Texas have been choosing Evans, Ewan & Brady Insurance Agency, Inc. for all their most important insurance needs. We can help your company find the ideal policies, coverage limits, and terms for your budget, and we make the process as simple and straightforward as possible.

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Basic Lawn Care Business Insurance Coverage

Even if you have a small lawn care business, our experts at Evans, Ewan & Brady recommend the following insurance policies as a bare minimum to provide the best levels of coverage:

  • Professional liability: This policy protects against lawsuits that arise from injuries or property damage accidentally caused by you or an employee, except in cases of negligence.
  • General liability insurance: This coverage protects your assets against general liability issues, such as injuries, contractual liability, property damage, copyright infringement, and more.
  • Contractor’s insurance: Protects your job site tools and assets against loss, protects against job-site injuries, and helps your company qualify for bids.
  • Commercial property insurance: This policy protects job equipment, tools, signage, office space, and other commercial property against losses that include fire, vandalism, and theft.
  • Workers’ compensation: This policy reimburses workers for a portion of the costs associated with an injury on the job.
  • Commercial auto insurance: Protects fleet vehicles and personal vehicles that are used for your business against accidents and losses.

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Other Insurance a Lawn Care Business May Need

Depending on the size and scope of your lawn care business, you may want to add additional coverage, such as:

  • Life insurance: If you should pass away, this policy can provide beneficiaries such as spouses, children, or business partners with money to cover unexpected expenses and the loss of income they may experience.
  • Business interruption insurance: Can help to cover expenses in the event that your business is unexpectedly closed due to a natural disaster, an illness, or an injury.
  • Commercial umbrella policy: Provides coverage for circumstances that your other insurance policies may not.
  • Group health insurance: For companies with several employees, group health insurance can provide an affordable way to obtain medical coverage for your staff.

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How Much Will My Lawn Care Business Insurance Cost?

The insurance costs for your lawn care business will depend on several factors:

  • The value of the property you are insuring
  • The coverage levels you select
  • The number of employees at your company
  • Your service area
  • Your financial history

To find the best policies at the most reasonable rates, turn to our experts at Evans, Ewan & Brady Insurance Agency. For over 90 years, we have been finding our customers great deals on insurance policies.

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