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Personal insurance covers many different parts of your life that are considered valuable personal assets. When you have personal insurance with Evans, Ewan & Brady Insurance Agency, we ensure that you are completely educated on your policy so you are prepared in case something happens. We will find the best policy to suit your needs and your budget. The advisors here at Evans, Ewan & Brady Insurance will be your best advocate when looking at policies and representing you to carriers.

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What Is Personal Insurance?

Personal insurance covers a variety of different personal and valuable assets, such as auto/car insurance, motorcycle insurance, RV insurance, senior/young driver insurance, boat/watercraft insurance, homeowners insurance, home warranty, and umbrella policy. With the right insurance, these different valuable assets are protected in the case of fire, theft, natural disasters, death, accidents, lawsuits, and illnesses.

While personal insurance may not cover every risk that an individual may face, our agents will work tirelessly for you to ensure that your policy covers what you need and that you have the deepest and best understanding of your policy.

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The Different Types of Insurance

There are many different products that fall under personal insurance. Here at Evans, Ewan & Brady Insurance Agency, we focus on the following nine products.


Auto insurance protects you from potential financial loss in an automobile accident. This type of insurance protects you in the event of theft along with bodily injury or property damage.


Homeowners insurance provides compensation in the event of damage or destruction to your home.


In the event of an accident, loss, theft, or damage to your motorcycle, you will have financial protection with motorcycle insurance.

Recreational Vehicle

While enjoying the great outdoors, have your recreational vehicle covered with recreational insurance.


If you are renting a property, renters insurance will protect you and your rental along with your belongings inside of it in case of a disaster.

Senior and Young Drivers

For both young and senior drivers on the road, we have a separate and comprehensive insurance policy for these qualified applicants.

Umbrella Policy

An umbrella policy is extra liability insurance coverage when it comes to home, auto, and watercraft insurance. If you would like an additional layer of security in the event of an accident, our umbrella policy is the right one for you.

Watercraft & Boat Insurance

Enjoy the beautiful lakes in Texas knowing your watercraft is covered with our watercraft and boat insurance.

Home Warranty

Protect your vital home systems and appliances from weather and other incidents with a home warranty.

Contact Us for Your Personal Insurance

With our dedication to ensuring that you are completely insured, you will not have to worry about your personal insurance policies. At Evans, Ewan & Brady Insurance Agency, our agents will be your best advocate when it comes to ensuring you have the correct policy for you, your home, and your other valuable assets.

For more information about our different personal insurance policies, contact us today by calling 512-869-1511 or by contacting us online.