Plumber’s Insurance in Austin, TX

As the owner of a plumbing company in the Austin area, are you prepared for the next unforeseen accident or loss? It’s impossible to predict when a break-in, employee injury, or cybersecurity attack will occur. That’s why you need proper insurance coverage ahead of time.

Evans, Ewan & Brady Insurance Agency, Inc. can help your plumbing business thrive while ensuring your peace of mind. We have been putting our policyholders first since 1928, and we’re prepared to serve you with honesty and integrity.

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Basic Plumbing Insurance Coverage

While a standard business owner’s policy isn’t the only protection you need, it covers the essentials. Here are the three pillars every business owner’s policy should include:

  • Commercial property insurance: This offers protection for the plumbing tools and supplies you take from home to home. It also covers the physical structure of your office location, as well as the furniture, equipment, and inventory inside.
  • General liability insurance: If any damage occurs while working in a customer’s home, this insurance covers the cost. It also protects against lawsuits if an employee’s handiwork injures a customer, whether at your office or in their home.
  • Business interruption insurance: This policy compensates you for your lost earnings if you are unable to conduct business while recuperating from a covered peril. Your plumbing business may take place more outside your office than in, but if a widespread event displaces businesses in your community, this coverage could prove vital.

Other Insurance a Plumber May Need

In addition to property insurance, general liability coverage, and protection against business interruption, plumbers should also invest in the following:

  • Commercial auto insurance: If you attempt to file a personal car insurance claim for an accident that happened while conducting business, your claim may be denied without question. That’s why commercial coverage is critical for all cars, trucks, and vans used in your plumbing business.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance: Unless you are the sole proprietor of your plumbing business, you need workers’ compensation coverage. This policy pays your employees if they are ever injured on the job.
  • Cyber insurance: You may have sensitive financial or customer information stored on your computers. Due to a general lack of cybersecurity, hackers disproportionately target small businesses. Cyber insurance helps cover any damages resulting from a data breach, virus, or hack.
  • Life insurance: What would happen if you were no longer around to oversee operations? Would your plumbing business survive? Would your family have enough money to make ends meet? Life insurance distributes finances to your designated beneficiaries to ensure that the answer to these questions is “yes.”
  • Group health insurance: You may choose—or be required—to provide health insurance for your employees. Consider that offering this perk can help you attract and retain qualified plumbers. An experienced agent can help you choose a plan that will work best for you and your team.

How Much Does Plumbing Insurance Cost?

Many factors play a role in what plumbing insurance costs. These may include:

  • The level of coverage you select
  • The value of the property you’re protecting
  • How many employees you have
  • Your service area

The best way to find out what plumbing insurance will cost is to get a free quote from a local insurance agency. That’s where Evans, Ewan & Brady comes in. Our dedicated agents have decades of combined experience providing plumbers and other business owners with the comprehensive coverage they need.

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