Yacht Insurance in the Austin Area

Yachts are synonymous with luxury. If you are part of the seven percent of Americans that own one of these pleasure vessels, protecting your elite investment with a well-defined insurance policy will ensure you experience smooth, carefree sailing.

Boating accidents accounted for 651 deaths, 3,000 injuries, and $38 million in property damages in one year alone. While no boat owner or passenger wants to be part of these staggering statistics, having protections in place to protect your liability and property is vital.

Evans, Ewan & Brady has nine decades of experience serving Texas residents and business owners with the specific coverages they require. Our knowledge and experience will outline the precise yacht coverage you need to get you through rough and smooth waters.

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Why Get Yacht Insurance in Austin, Texas?

While yacht insurance isn’t required in Texas, protecting your elegant water vessel begins with a solid coverage policy. Yacht insurance protects yacht owners from potential issues associated with time on the water. Yacht insurance safeguards you from the following:

  • Theft. It is hard to believe it could happen to you, but it could. In fact, Texas is third in the nation for watercraft theft. Without coverage, you are stuck with 100 percent of the replacement costs if your yacht is stolen.
  • Repairs. Yachts are like floating homes. They have a variety of components that can break or malfunction. Electrical system malfunctions, damaged gangways, doors, davits, and control and monitoring system problems are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to yacht repairs.
  • Liability. Yacht owners are fully liable for injury to any guests or passengers on board. Should an accident occur, you will be held accountable for the medical costs.

Yacht insurance protects your investment and reduces your out-of-pocket costs for accidents and repairs. Contact Evans, Ewan & Brady online today to get your coverages in place!

What Coverage Options Are Available for Yacht Insurance?

Yachts commonly have larger navigational ranges putting them at greater risk for hazards and exposures. Because of this, yacht insurance isn’t just a good idea — it’s essential. Employing a professional who understands all the yacht-specific coverages and policies can ensure that you get the total coverage you need for bodily injury, property damage, guest passenger liability, medical bills, and theft. Extended coverage options will add more protections for yacht repairs and fuel spill liability.  

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